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Greaseweazle F7

Rip those floppy disks!

Fuzzy close-up of a Greaseweazle F7


These are from a limited run of Keir Fraser’s Greaseweazle, specifically the STM32F730-based model using George R. Mezzomo’s PCB layout, v1.1. These come fully assembled, or, if you think you’re good at surface mount work, as a bare PCB. In the interest of growing the Greaseweazle community, these devices are sold at cost - no profit.

A reminder

Be sure to pick the right item below. If you purchase the PCB, you will receive only the PCB and must purchase all components yourself. Do NOT purchase this bare PCB unless you have the skills necessary to build it, or you have access to a competent electronics technician who can build it for you!


  • Layers: 2

  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm

  • Surface Finish: HASL-RoHS

  • Copper Weight: 1oz

  • Fully Probe Tested: Yes

  • Schematics, Gerbers, BOM, & Software: Available on GitHub



To the left is the fully assembled Greaseweazle F7.

The 34-pin header connects to a ribbon cable, which in turn connects to your floppy drive.

The 4-pin white header at the top right is for power. Connect this to the same power supply as your floppy drive.

The silver connector at the bottom-right is a USB B connector (square). Supply your own USB 2.0 B-to-A cable to connect to most modern computers.

The other 0.1" headers are for programming, serial access, and bootstrapping, respectively, and shouldn’t be needed unless you are flashing a new firmware onto your Greaseweazle.

At the centre bottom is the STM32F730 CPU, set at a 45° angle.



Buy Now

Picture of an assembled Greaseweazle F7

Greaseweazle F7 Batch 2

Batch 2 is 10 units, and is now in production.

Units will ship in early January 2021.

Shipping Choices


All packages will be sent by Canada Post. You’ll have the option to select tracking if you want it. If you are looking for faster/alternative delivery, please contact us directly and do not use the links above.