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MFM Emulator Special Edition

The Decromancer has made a limited run of special edition Gesswein MFM drive emulators/readers. These will dump an MFM hard drive to a file, or can emulate 1 or 2 MFM drives, given a data file.

Thumbnail render of Decromancer’s MFM Emulator

Greaseweazle F7

We’ve also done a small run of Greaseweazle floppy drive controllers. These let your USB-equipped computer control a floppy drive for reading and writing floppy disks of many formats.

Photo of a Greaseweazle F7

A Third Thing

Do you also like third things? We do, too. There will be one here, soon. Until then, check out Andy Kindler and J. Elvis Weinstein’s podcast Thought Spiral.

Future Divinations

The Archives

Soon: a treasure trove of vintage software and documentation, including a Bitsavers mirror.

Vintage Computing Store

Computers, peripherals, and accessories, including selections from (probably) the largest private PDP-11 collection in Canada. (OK, Southern Ontario.)


Because who doesn’t want tips and tricks about vintage computer restoration?

A fourth thing

Seriously, go listen to Thought Spiral.
"Come for the Andy, stay for the Josh."